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Pilipinews always checks the latest news on specified local news media outlets and post it in its Facebook page so you will always be updated.

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Since Pilipinews is listed as a Facebook Page, it will always be free and ready to be read by you and millions of Filipino people in the Facebook platform.

A national-based news aggregator for Philippine-based news media outlets

Pilipinews is a simple tool for gathering news articles tagged as "national" by respective news media outlets in the Philippines. Outlets such as ABS-CBN News, CNN Philippines, GMA News, Inquirer.net, Manila Bulletin, Rappler, and Sunstar are being checked for the latest news from their respective websites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pilipinews is a Facebook page wherein people can read the latest news from selected local news media outlets for free using Facebook Free. It gathers latest articles from reliable outlets such as ABS-CBN News, CNN Philippines, GMA News, Inquirer.net, Manila Bulletin, Rappler, and Sunstar then publishes them as posts through the Pilipinews Facebook page.

Nowadays, people go to Facebook to check the latest news. With these kind of trends, news media outlets create links in order for the users to check their site for the full article. But with that strategy, free data users cannot access such sites and only rely on the vague title and small content which might misinform the masses. With these kind of issues in mind, Pilipinews is made for the sole purpose of providing sensible news for Filipino users who are using free data on Facebook.

Pilipinews does not store any kind of data from users who are reading the posted articles on the Facebook page. It will only collect articles from reliable local news media outlets and publish it as a post. However its Facebook page will be subjected under the Data Policy of Facebook and will be used for generating analytics (such as how many Facebook users liked this specific post) and served as a repository for the published posts from the application.

Pilipinews does not delete any post published in its Facebook page. If there are errors on the content, it might be an issue on the publisher's side (typographical errors) or the aggregrator parses wrong keywords. Once a news article is posted on the Facebook page, it is what it is.

As of now Pilipinews is currently checking keywords from specified news media outlets that were tagged as "national". Other sections or tags like business, money, or sports may be integrated in the Facebook Page in the future.

Pilipinews is only managed by a single person. The financial expenses from managing the aggregator and publisher to the Facebook page is funded by his own money. Due to security and privacy concerns, he will not entertain questions from people that came from the Facebook page.